Record Store is this Saturday April 13th! Over 1200 independent stores worldwide will be celebrating on this day, the unique culture of the independent record store! Record stores are like restaurants: they may have a few of the same things on the menu, but they each have their own specialties and individual personalities. As one of the leading independent record stores in the US, we at Crooked Beat are very pleased to be participating in and celebrating Record Store Day again this year!

What we are doing for RSD!

To kick off our celebration of Record Store Day, we will hand out FREE Grab Bags filled with New stickers, buttons, vintage 7"s, magnets, posters, keychains, new and used records and some cds to our first 100 paying customers. Some of the records and cds will be promos of current releases, others will be promos of releases through the years, ranging from currently unknown artists to local Dc area artists to obscure titles. In 2 of the grab bags we will be putting a $25 Crooked Beat Gift Certificate in them!
Also, the first paying 75 customers will be given a custom Crooked Beat tote bag! This years tote bag replicates our most popular selling Crooked Beat t-shirt design over the last 20 plus years. It is the first time in we have offered this design on our totes in 3 years!


Over the years we have championed local bands in the Dc area. Our top 20 sellers of all time include 6 DC titles! We play Dc artists constantly in our store. We really love the sense of community and unique offerings that come from so many of the artists from the Dc metro area who create and play music. So that is why we constantly encourage people to check out our Dc artists section in the front of the store.
This year our Crooked Beat label's RSD release is by Insurgence DC aka Insurgence Da Capo. It is their first album release in 20 years. The album is called 'Broken In The Theater of The Absurd. Insurgence DC are a band that originated in North Carolina in the late 1980's Though they started in NC, all the members have strong roots that all began in the Dc area. If you are a fan of bands such as The Clash, Husker Du, Stiff Little Fingers, Fugazi or Mission Of Burma then you should check out Insurgence DC.
We pressed 700 copies of the record.This album jackets are all hand numbered. 400 are on black vinyl. 300 are a one time pressing on limited smoke colored vinyl.
As of today, over 560 copies of the Insurgence DC record have already been sold on pre orders and are currently being shipped to Indie stores around the US.

Golden Tickets For Future Record Store Days Placed in Insurgence Dc Records

Starting this year and every year after this on Record Store Days we will be putting "2 Special Golden Tickets" in our most recent Crooked Beat releases! So this year they will placed in the Insurgence Dc records!
One of the tickets will be for Record Store Day Black Friday later this year. This winner will win a $25 Gift Certificate and also be invited in early with the Frequent Customers and be guaranteed to be "Number 7" in line for Record Store Day Black Friday this coming November.
The other Golden Ticket winner will win a $40 Gift Certificate and also be guaranteed to be "Number 5" in line for Record Store Day in April 2020.
There will 85 Insurgence DC albums for sale at Crooked Beat on Record Store Day this Saturday! So people will have a 2 in 85 chance of winning Golden Tickets for future Record Store Events!

Exclusive Releases for Record Store Day

There are hundreds of releases this year, and we expect to carry around 96% of them! Most of the titles we will carry are representative of what we sell here at our store. Some of the highlighted limited releases this year include titles from Courtney Barnett, B-52's, JJ Cale, Bingo Handjob aka REM, Fleetwood Mac, Al Green, Grateful Dead, Devo, Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery, Rolling Stones, Prince, Motorhead, janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Pearl Jam, Badfinger, Desmond Dekker, Lou Reed, Specials, Gorillaz, Green Day, The Police. But this is only a sample! There are hundreds of other releases this year. Several of our customers once again said have said "there is something for everyone!" Some customers are so excited about this year's titles, they are driving from five hours away, or getting hotel rooms in Alexandria near the store on the night before!

We will have the entire list of what we will be carrying sometime later this week. Most likely on Friday. you will see our list on Facebook, Instagram or on our website at At this time, we are still waiting for all the titles to arrive.

Since almost all of the RSD releases are limited pressings. The labels have once again said they are going to allocate only so many titles per store. It seems this year the allocations are much more than before.We do say that every year. BUT THIS YEAR THERE SEEMS TO BE MORE ALLOCATIONS TO STORES! It is mainly due to more stores participating and the fact that the demand is much higher. So, for example, though we ordered 35 of the Pearl- Jam -Live At Easy Street. We have been told we are only getting 12 or so in. Supposedly they received 25,000 orders. But only 6,000 were pressed. This is common with most of the RSD releases.Since there are even more stores participating this year, allocations will be even more brutal. We say this every year. But this year there are around 1300 stores across the US participating! That is up from last year.

We will be opening 8 AM for around 30 of Crooked Beat's most Frequent Customers. Frequent Customers are the ones who come shop at the store on average of 3 times a month or more year around. Our Frequent Customers are a major reason why we are able to do what we do. So they are rewarded with all kind of incentives from us year around.To them, every day is Record Store Day!

We will be opening at 9:00 AM on Record Store Day to the general public.
Like all the previous Record Store Days, we will not be able to hold items for anyone. We will be letting 20 to 25 people in at a time. All titles will be behind the counter. We ask that people from a single-file line beginning at the counter, ending towards the back of the store. Due to how limited the titles are, customers are only allowed to get one copy of each title they purchase.


We will be offering the Crooked Beat Frequent Customer card for 2019-2020 near the end of April. There will be a print out at the counter for those interested..

Hope to see you all this Saturday , April 13th!
Happy Record Store Day!

Bill & Helen & Crooked Beat Staff