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Here samples of our current release, A Bang on the Ear including Insurgence DC, Don Zientara and Mobius Strip.

All of the songs included here are exclusive to this compilation.

Insurgence Da Capo, aka Insurgence DC, is a trio formed in 1987. Their sonic and aggressive sound has often been compared to the Clash, Ruts, Fugazi, and Husker Du. They included 4 songs to the compilation.

Mobius Strip is a DC based trio their sound has been compared to early Jawbreaker and Dag Nasty. Songs are sung in both English and Spanish, they've included 2 songs to the LP. 

Don Zientara is the owner and operator of the legendary Inner Ear Studio. Over the last 35 years he has recorded such artists as Fugazi, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Foo Fighters, Rites Of Spring and thousands of others. His own material is folk-oriented in the vein of Bruce Cockburn. 
Don has 4 songs included on the LP.



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