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Upcoming In-Store Performances


Performances are FREE and ALL AGES.

Past In-Store Performers:

Thursday May 12th: Black Telephone

DC indie pop trio Black Telephone will be playing an in-store performance at Crooked Beat on Thursday, May 12. We'll have copies of their very limited cassette EP for sale as well—it's been our best-selling cassette this past year. This will be one of their last DC shows, catch them while you can!

Wednesday, March 16th: Suns of Guns
Suns Of Guns will be doing 2- 20 minute sets and willl be playing songs from their new LP called On The Border Of Snakeland. Starts at 7pm.

Thursday, Jan 13th at 6PM: Grant Hart (Husker Du)

Meet & greet (and possibly a few songs). Early start! Bring your Husker Du & his solo albums for him to sign.

Thursday, July 29: Batusis (Sylvain Sylvain and Cheetah Chrome)

JUST CONFIRMED:Batusis will perform some songs at Crooked Beat on Thursday, July 29th. Batusis will be playing around 4 -5 songs acoustically. They will also be playing a full set at the Black Cat later that night.
This is an EARLY Performance - it starts at 5pm.
These guys have profoundly influenced the direction of punk rock and its aftermath: Cheetah Chrome, guitarist of Cleveland icons Rocket From The Tombs and Dead Boys. Sylvain Sylvain, wildly charismatic New York Dolls axeman.

Performances are FREE and ALL AGES.

Thursday June 17: The NRIs
The NRIs will be performing a special unplugged set of tracks off their new EP, “8:42am”
with Sarmust.

Recommended for fans of Wilco… first single, “Music City” is available for a free download at (http://www.nrismusic.com/)

CD will be available at the store and EP is also available on iTunes.

Thursday April 15: Title Tracks & Don Zientara

Title Tracks

Title Tracks will be playing songs from their new album, It Was Easy. Title Tracks features John Davis, formerly of Q And Not U and Georgie James. It has been one of our top selling local artists so far this year.

Don Zientara
Singer-songwriter and owner of the legendary Dc area recording studio Inner Ear, Don Zientara will also be playing.

Monday, October 5: Mac McCaughan
(of Superchunk/Portastatic & co-founder/owner of Merge Records)

Mac McCaughan will be playing and reading excerpts from his recently released book Our Noise - The story of Merge Records on October 5th at 6 PM. He is also going to play some songs.

Friday, September 18: Girl Loves Distortion
Poppy post-punk playing Petworth locals Girl Loves Distortion will play songs from their new record, "You Better Run, Your Highness." The record is available on Exte Records on CD and LP.

Wednesday, June 17: Double Dagger
Thrill Jockey recording artists Double Dagger are a post-punk/graphicdesigncore trio from Baltimore, Maryland composed of only drums, vocals, and a very loud bass guitar which fills the space a guitar would normally take.

Saturday, May 30th: (Th' Sounds of) Kaleidoscope
Noisy/drone-y psych-pop from Philly (with roots in DC). Their latest record "All This Heaven" is available now at Crooked Beat on LP and CD.

Friday, 3/27: Andulusians
Andalusians are from DC, comprised of Basla Andolsun (Beauty Pill) and a rotating crew. The band's first 7" is out on Dischord Records.

Tuesday, 3/10: The Points
Dc-based loudfastandreckless basement punk band The Points will be playing some songs from their self-titled album debut. Released last fall, the album has been one of our top selling Dc area artists over the last few months.

Saturday, 2/14: Benjy Ferree
An acoustic solo performance of songs from his new record, Come Back to the Five and Dime, Bobby Dee Bobby Dee. The quirky/gritty rock and roll record is a tribute to the late Bobby Driscoll, the child star who portrayed Peter Pan in the 1953 Disney movie and then faded into obscurity, poverty, and drugs after being discarded as a less marketable teenager, eventually dying at the young age of 31.

Dec 11th: The Caribbean
This Dc band has had three releases on the Hometapes label out of Portland, OR since 2004. They include former members so of the Townies and Smart Went Crazy.

The songs here have an uncanny flow from one to the next, to the point where they feel indelibly joined, a feeling heightened by the little sketchy instrumentals that cushion them from each other like sonic packing peanuts. After three albums and a couple of EPs, the Caribbean sound at home in this strange little white-collar rock place they've built for themselves. It's the folk music of the new American service economy.

Friday October 17th Don Zientara (Dischord sound Engineer and Inner Ear Recording Studio owner)
Making a rare appearance and playing some songs from his two cds, he'll be joined by Buck Gooter from Harrisburg,VA. They have several cds out and will be performing old and new material.

Friday October 10th Girl Loves Distortion
Playing songs from their new cd release entitled Earth Beings On Exit.

Friday, June 27th:
Andalusians, Impossible Hair

Friday, May 9 2008:
DC Improvisers Collective

Friday, May 2 2008:
Marc Masters, author of No Wave
We have two really exciting in stores coming up in the next few weeks. On Friday May 2nd, Marc Masters who is the author of the book No Wave will be here to do a reading/discussion on the legendary No Wave scene from New York that produced the likes of Suicide, Richard Hell, Bush Tetras, DNA and many others. For those unfamilar with No Wave, it was the late 1970's anti-movement that consisted of artists, musicians and poets who took the ideas, styles and attitude of punk to another level. Based on primitivism, the No Wave scene not only produced totally original and compelling music, it also tapped into film, performance art and even fashion. People such as Jim Jarmusch and Steve Buscemi got their start from the indie films from the No Wave period.

March 7 2008:
Equinox (Hugh of Black Eyes) & Horserider (Nick of Food For Animals)

Thursday, Feb 7 2008:
Human Bell
Human Bell (Dave Heumann from Arbouretum + Nathan Bell from Lungfish) are making the trek to Washington in order to play an intimate live in-store in support of their brand new self-titled debut full-length! The album is set for release on January 29th so be sure to stop by and say hello. 7pm

Friday, Feb 1 2008:
Don Zientara with Buck Gooter

Longtime Dischord Records Engineer & owner of Inner Ear Studios, Don Zientara is joined by Fredericksburg, VA duo Buck Gooter. 7:30pm

Wednesday, January 23 2008:
Kimya Dawson (of the Moldy Peaches and of recently released film "Juno" soundtrack fame) will be playing an In-Store Performance at Crooked Beat!
**space is very limited, so get here early**

Saturday, Novemeber 17 2007:
Georgie James

Tuesday, August 7 2007:
Winelord & Pygmy Lush In-Store

Wednesday, July 25th 2007:
J Forte (member of Lejeune)

Tuesday, June 19 2007: 
Mark Anderson and Mark Jenkins
Mark Anderson and Mark Jenkins, the authors of Dance of Days, will be giving a talk in celebration of the release of the book's third edition. Dance of Days covers the birth of two decades of punk in the nation's capitol and gives an in-depth history of DC bands such as Bad Brains, Minor Threat and Fugazi.

June 21 2007:
The Aquarium

The Aquarium will be performing songs from their self-titled Dischord release. The Aquarium features Jason Hutto and Laura Harris.

Tuesday, June 12 2007:
Andalusians and Edie Sedgwick In-Store

The Andalusians are Basla from Beauty Pill/Del Cielo, Chris from Hoover/The Hold Up, David from The Hellfighters, and Clark from Statehood/Motorcycle Wars.
Edie Sedgwick is Justin from Antelope/El Guapo.
Edie Sedgwick will be doing a 15 minute Haiku set starting promptly at 7:30 then The Andalusians will play.

June 1 2007:
Pelle Carlbeg + Bellman Barker In-Store
Pelle Carlberg (Sweden)

Bellman Barker (DC)

From the Washington Post:
Sweden's Labrador Records is home to many wonderfully twee indie rock bands -- the kind who write suchy catchy, breezy pop songs that you forget that the vocals are frequently yearning odes to lost loves or tributes to an unrequited love. (The Acid House Kings, the Legends, Club 8, the Radio Dept. and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names are all on the label's roster.) A few years ago, one of Labrador's top acts was a jazzy pop group called Edson, who melded organs and glockenspiel with singer Pelle Carlberg's highly personal tales of love and breakups. When Edson disbanded, Carlberg set out on his own, and his solo debut, "Everything Now!" is filled with sharp, melodic songs, jangling guitars and steady backbeats that will please fans of early Belle and Sebastian or the Pixies, as well as anyone who's ever bought a Labrador CD. Carlberg's in town tonight to perform at an in-store at Crooked Beat Records, and while it won't be as good as seeing a full show at the Black Cat or DC9, it's the purest dose of pop you'll find in Washington tonight. Also performing at the Adams Morgan record store is Bellman Barker; Read David's take on the group's debut EP here.

Friday, May 11 2007:
Ian Svenonius

Former lead singer of Nation of Ulysses and the Make-Up, current singer for Weird War, first ever Sassiest Boy in America and ubiquitous D.C. institution reads from his collection of essays, "The Psychic Soviet." Read Editorial Review

April 1 2007:

Thursday, March 15 2007:
Caution Curves

Tuesday, February 20 2007:
Don Zientara
Longtime Dischord sound engineer and owner of Inner Ear Studios, Don Zientara Solo Set

Friday, January 26 2007:
Kristin Hersh

Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses, 50 ft Wave fame) will be playing a FREE in-store performance at 6pm this Friday at Crooked Beat! How's the sound in a very long & not-so wide basement record store? Excellent, actually. Get there early for a good spot!

Thursday, November 9 2006:

Thursday, November 2 2006:

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