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Crooked Beat Frequent Customer Card

They are now available-- Please inquire at the counter in the store.

How can I be considered a “Frequent Customer”? In a 12-month period starting late April and ending April 13, 2018, you visit and purchase something from our physical Crooked Beat location at $6.99 or more on 32 different days a year.

This will average out to a visit with purchase approximately 3 times a month. Only one purchasing visit per day is counted. Being a Frequent customer is not about how many records once buys… What matters is that you have come to support and experience an independent record store! So, if a person comes to the store 3 different times to buy records during a regular business day, their purchase visit will only count once. But if this person buys 1 or more records on 32 different day visits to the store in a given year they are invited in early on Record Store Day

The card is FREE!

Here is what we are offering to people who get the Frequent Customer Card:

-12th Purchase Visit - You will receive a Free Crooked Beat shirt or tote. $1 off on as many records you purchase DURING THIS VISIT ONLY.

16th Purchase visit before November 20th. You will be invited in early on Record Store Day Black Friday.

-18th Purchase Visit - $1 off on as many records you purchase DURING THIS VISIT ONLY

-25th Purchase Visit - $2 off on as many records you purchase DURING THIS VISIT ONLY

-32nd Purchase Visit - $3 off on as many records you purchase DURING THIS VISIT ONLY. Also a special bonus gift from us, you will be invited in early on Record Store Day in April of 2018.

You must have your ID and card with you during every purchase so it can be scanned. Once we know who you are your ID is not required. If you do not have your card with you your purchase will not be recorded as a Valued Customer visit. So please have your card with you when purchasing something. (Please no double dipping, handing off cards to friends to gain visits, or rolling over your purchase numbers to someone else.) Also, online orders and records from the .99 cents and Bargain Bins do not count.

The Frequent Customer Card will also offer the following perks:

1. We will contact you first whenever we purchase large used or estate sale collections that you can look at and buy before we put the records out for sale on the floor.  Every year we buy several estate collections. Anyone who we have listed as a frequent customer is able to look at and buy whatever they want before the LPs are ever put out on the floor. Every frequent customer will be notified first when we purchase these large collections.

2. Every year on our store’s anniversary 2 Day Only Sale in November we will offer to all Valued Customers $3 off every record priced $6.99 and up. During this sale, we usually offer to the public only $2 off.

Record Store Day Information for Frequent Customers

On the special release days of Black Friday and Record Store Day, we will be opening our doors early to Frequent Csutomers who qualify. So, for instance, on everyRecord Store Day , we will most likely open our doors to the public at 9:00 AM. But the QUALIFYING Frequent Customers with 32 or more purchase visits will be notified and be able to come in and purchase their titles at 8:00 AM.

For Black Friday in November- Qualifying customers must have made at least 16 purchase visits to be invited in early.  Record Store Day in April is not counted since the card expires every year the Friday before Record Store Day. Please note that the 1-title-per-artist-per-customer rule will still stand and be enforced for everyone, including Requent Customers on Record Store Day.

For Record Store Day in April- Please remember, to qualify for any of this means a physical store visit and purchase on AT LEAST 32 different days to Crooked Beat in a given year. Whoever has made the most purchasing visits to the store in a given year will be allowed to be the first customer in line on Record Store Day every April. The Frequent Customers who were in the front of the line this year were weekly regular customers who come to the store and buy record or records on average of 5-6 times a month.

Though we do not have to offer a Frequent Customer card, we at Crooked Beat do this because we really love music too. We sincerely appreciate all the support so many people have given us over the years… So we only think it is fair that the ones who support us consistently should be given top priority. We will always encourage and offer this to the people who come to support our store more than a handful of times a year.

The Frequenty Customer Card will be offered to anyone until the end of October. Just inquire at the counter. After that if we see a person(s) coming in on a regular basis we will then also award them a card.

This Frequent Customer program is set up for people who love the vinyl experience and are truly supportive of independent record stores. We really appreciate your patronage!

Thanks, Bill & Helen & Staff at Crooked Beat

If you have any comments or questions, please email us at