Local Internet Radio Show Features All DC Artists - Including Our Own Insurgence DC!

Check out the latest broadcast from our friends at Live From the Fallout Shelter, a part of WaveRadioBoston. Corbin, Billy Joel, and Scout always feature eclectic setlists combined with their unique brand of humor. Their most recent broadcast featured artists exclusively from the DC area, a mix that took us on a journey from the jazz of the 40's through to the indie and punk rock artists of today.  As a special treat, Crooked Beat's own JC (Jennifer) helped to pick out the setlist for this show. 

Live From the Fallout Shelter normally runs from 8:00 - 10:00 PM on every other Tuesday but you can check out their podcast of the show here where you will hear songs from: Bat Fangs, The Doors, Foo Fighters, Nation of Ulysses, Chuck Brown, Bad Moves, Fugazi, The Evens, Insurgence DC, Thievery Corporation, Checkered Cabs, Jackie and the Starlites, Minor Threat, Priests, Bad Brains, Unrest, Black Flag, Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington, The Slickee Boys, Dag Nasty, The Seldom Scene, and Slant 6.

Like what you hear?  Check out our collection of Local DC Artists where you will find these artists and more.  Our thanks to Corbin, Billy Joel, and Scout for calling out our store and playing our own Insurgence DC!

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