Record Store Day Drop 8/29

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The first Record Store Day Drop is Saturday, August 29th.  In order to promote a safe environment with social distancing we are going to be doing things differently for the three RSD Drop events coming over the next three months.
We will be opening on Saturday, August 29th at 9:00 AM to our Qualifying Frequent Customers. Our Frequent Customers program is designed for our customers who visit Crooked Beat and buy albums on average of 3 times or more each month. To them every day is Record Store Day!  If you are interested in learning how you can join our Frequent Customer program to get early access to next year's RSD, please visit
At 10:00 AM we will open our doors to everyone. We will only be letting 8 people into the store at a time. We will have sanitizing stations available in 2 locations inside the store.
Shortly after 9:00 AM, a Crooked Beat worker will come outside and hand out order forms for the RSD releases for that day to everyone in line.  Please note the following:
  • Order forms must be filled out with the titles you are requesting and your name. Order forms are required for purchasing any RSD titles, last minute additions not included on the form will not be accepted.
  • Hand your order form to the person at the door when you come inside.
  • We will call your name out when your record order is ready to be processed.  Names will be called in the order in which they were received.
  • Once your name is called, proceed to the person(s) calling your name. They will begin pulling your order.
  • After your order is fulfilled please go to the counter and complete your purchase. After your purchase is completed you must then exit the store.
  • To maintain a safe environment, no one is allowed to linger inside the store.
Please note all normal RSD rules still apply. You cannot buy more than one of each title on the RSD Drop Day. The day following each RSD Drop, you are welcome to buy multiple copies of any RSD title.
If you would like to shop on RSD but do not plan on purchasing any of the RSD titles, you are welcome to. Please note, you will be allowed to shop in the store for 15 minutes maximum if there are other customers outside waiting to come in.
Social Distancing and Masks are required inside the store. Masks must be covering your nose and mouth at all times. Social Distancing is required at a minimum of 6 feet inside the store and encouraged outside in line.
This part we are very serious about: If you lower your mask at any time inside the store, you will be asked to leave and we will not complete your order.  We really need everyone to do their part and cooperate with us on this.  We do not want to put our employees or our customers in danger. 
Happy Record Store Drop Day!

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