The Vinyl Vault Broadcast - 22 Jan 2020: Rock Out, Man...

Hello, Dear Listeners!  We started this episode with a major delay after a system reboot resulted in a loss of our system configuration.  The first ten minutes were lost (and never really regained).  Some of the originally planned music had to be pulled in order to keep within our regularly scheduled time allotment.

I hope 2020 is off to a good start for you.  Here at the Radio Studio Apartment, we had a busy time.  One of our turntables was temporarily out of service while we worked to repair the RCA input.  Everything is back in order and we are excited to bring you another episode of rock 'n' roll music.  

Randy put together an amazingly uptempo (though not always upbeat) playlist for this episode.  We kept a fairly fast pace throughout the show, so get ready to rock. You will be hearing familiar tunes from INXS, Alice Cooper, The Who, and Nirvana on this show.  We also pulled in recent additions to The Vinyl Vault from The Jam, Franz Ferdinand, The Frost, Naz Nomad and The Nightmares, and Wreckless Eric - all from my recent trip to Southwest Michigan. I'm looking forward to integrating in some of the lesser known Michigan artists that I picked up into future shows.  It's all about discovering new artists and local talent!

The Playlist

  • Devo - Secret Agent Man // Live In 1980
  • The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette // Machine Gun Etiquette
  • INXS - Need You Tonight/Mediate // Need You Tonight 12" Single
  • The Jam - The Eton Rifles // Setting Sons
  • X - Johnny Hit and Run Pauline // Los Angeles
  • Midnight Oil - Forgotten Years // Breathe Tour '97
  • Sleater-Kinney - The Future is Here // The Center Won't Hold
  • U2 - Stories for Boys // Three
  • Iggy and The Stooges - Search and Destroy // Raw Power
  • Alice Cooper - School's Out // School's Out
  • Franz Ferdinand - Feel the Love Go // Always Ascending
  • The Evens - You Won't Feel a Thing // The Evens
  • Newtown Neurotics - Kick Out The Tories // Punk & Disorderly III: The Final Solution
  • The Frost - Who Are You? // Frost Music
  • The Special AKA - Break Down The Door // Nelson Mandela 7" Single (2-Tone Treasures Box Set)
  • Hysteric Narcotics - Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore // Never Do Know 7" Single
  • Sunshine Feels - Euroshima // Recutting The Crap Vol. 2
  • Red Alert - In Britain // In Britain 7" Single
  • Bad Brains - Banned in DC // Black Dots
  • Naz Nomad & The Nightmares - Hey Bo Diddley / M-A-N // Naz Nomad / A.N.T.S.S split 7"
  • Death - Politicians in My Eyes // For The Whole World To See
  • The Who - Baba O'Riley // Who's Next
  • Nirvana - Lithium // Live And Loud
  • Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World // Whole Wide World 7" Single

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