The Vinyl Vault Broadcast - 18 December 2019 - A Very Vinyl Christmas

Hello again, dear listeners, the holiday addition of The Vinyl Vault was all about alternative and punk rock flavored holiday music. Since, I know our listeners were getting a bit fatigued with the traditional Christmas fare, I asked Randy to pull together holiday music that isn’t commonly played over the airwaves.  This show has a nice mix of classic rock, punk rock, and a heavy dose of chill indie music. We got Iggy Pop, Rosie Thomas, and The White Stripes representing our Michiganders.  Listeners, I really worked on getting some representation from DC in the holiday section of the Vinyl Vault this year but, alas, I was thwarted. However, Henry Rollins, born and raised in DC, luckily came in for the save and he is on the set list.  I’ll be checking out Discogs to locate X-mas in Kmart from Root Boy Slim for next year but if any of you listeners know of some more DC bands with great holiday music for me to track down, I’m all ears. 

You may notice that my voice is a bit off on this episode, I had a nasty virus that was going around DC.  We are nearing the end of January as I write this and I still have a residual cough.  Blech.  Enjoy the holiday mix!

A Very Vinyl Christmas Playlist:

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