The Vinyl Vault - July 1, 2020

Hello, everyone!  It's been another crazy week with tons of activities underway.  We have officially moved our show to Tuesday nights moving forward.  Definitely an adjustment for me but I'm flexible to support one of my brother shows in the WaveRadio Boston family.  I hope that Live from The Fallout Shelter has a successful reboot after going on hiatus for the last several months.  I believe they have all of the necessary equipment to adjust and go live again.

Plenty of new additions this week to The Vinyl Vault.  I received a "care package" from Mississippi Records that was curated just for me.  In it I received several compilations with obscure artists and unusual music.  So excited to work them into the rotation.  If you are unfamiliar with Mississippi Records, go check out their website.  They have inexpensive no frill records that focus on digging out amazing obscure artists and unusual music.  Nothing mainstream about it and that is what I love! 

I also received in my Sub Pop Singles Club order with a couple of singles that I will be moving into the mix in upcoming shows.  Oh, and did I mention... 

Coriky's self-titled debut album arrived at Crooked Beat on FRIDAY!!  

Yes.  I am that excited about it.  I will be featuring music from this amazing album throughout July.  Newly featured albums starting this week include Coriky (obviously), I Love You It's a Fever Dream by The Tallest Man on Earth, I Woke Up One Morning in May (Mississippi Records compilation), The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World of Joe Meek (Mississippi Records compilation), and Bunny Lee: Dreads Enter the Gates with Praise (Soul Jazz Records compilation). 

Here is the playlist!  I hope you love it.  - JC

The Playlist

  • Nick Drake - Northern Sky // A Treasury
  • Toreros - Come // Diggin' for Gold Vol. 2
  • The Tallest Man on Earth - I'm a Stranger Now // I Love You. It's a Fever Dream.
  • The Clash - Clampdown // London Calling
  • Holy Rollers - What You Said // Salad Days (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • Lou Reed - A Thousand Departed Friends // The Raven
  • Ramones - 53rd and 3rd // Ramones
  • The Strokes - Bad Decisions // The New Abnormal
  • The Cramps - Human Fly // Bad Music for Bad People
  • Hinds - Fat Calmed Kiddos // Leave Me Alone
  • David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes // Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
  • Coriky - Have a Cup of Tea // Coriky
  • Sunny Jain - Blackwell // Wild Wild East
  • Lottie Kimbrough - Lost Lover Blues // I Woke Up One Morning in May
  • The Stick Arounds - Forward in Rewind // Hot Singles Club
  • Television - See No Evil // Marquee Moon
  • Beauty Pill - Tattooed Love Boys // Please Advise
  • Duran Duran - Union of the Snake // Union of the Snake (7" single)
  • The Moontrekkers - Night of the Vampire // The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World of Joe Meek
  • Black Lips - Dorner Party // Underneath the Rainbow
  • Joyce Williams - The First Thing I Do in the Morning // Eccentric Funk
  • The Runaways - Cherry Bomb // Live in Japan
  • The Waitresses - The Comb // Punk 45: Burn, Rubber City, Burn
  • Dillinger - Check Sister Jane // Bunny Lee: Dreads Enter the Gates with Praise
  • Des Ark - My Saddle is Waitin' (C'mon Jump on It)
  • Leonard Cohen - Sisters of Mercy // Songs of Leonard Cohen

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