The Vinyl Vault - October 27, 2020

Hello, dear listeners.  Halloween is coming up next week.  A time for tricks and treats and things that go bump in the night.  Demons come out to play.  Ghosts knock on your door.  Ghouls lurk around every corner. Vampires breathe down the back of your neck.  Werewolves growl in the shadows.

This week The Vinyl Vault celebrates its one year anniversary.  We have a creepy crawly mix of music lined up.  We are bringing back our friends from our first show to celebrate the anniversary and to have a big listening party together with you.

Listeners, make sure you are taking the time to take care of yourself.  Sometimes there is a tendency to look out for others so much that you forget that taking care of yourself is important, too.  If you don't take care of yourself, you are no good for others.  The help that you think you might be providing can actually cause more harm than good.  The results can be disastrous.  Trust me.  

The mix is pretty great this week.  Check it out below! - JC

  • Screamin' J Hawkins - I Put a Spell on You // Tarantino Experience
  • The Coasters - Poison Ivy // Poison Ivy (7" Single)
  • Squirrel Nut Zippers - La Grippe // The Inevitable Squirrel Nut Zippers
  • The Werps - Voodoo Doll // Louis Wayne Moody High (Compilation)
  • Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians - My Wife and My Dead Wife // Fegmania!
  • The Damned - Johnny Remember Me // Night of the Cobra (7" Bootleg)
  • Moontrekkers - Night of the Vampire // Hits From 304 Holloway Road (Compilation)
  • The Replacements - Cruella DeVille // The Complete Inconcerated Live
  • Leonard Cohen - Avalanche // Songs of Love and Hate
  • Sheb Wooley - The Purple People Eater // The Purple People Eater (7" Single)
  • The Doors - People Are Strange // Strange Days
  • Dat en Wat - Dead Man's Blues // I Can Live Without You (7" Single)
  • Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead // Bela Lugosi's Dead (7" Single)
  • The Cramps - Human Fly // Bad Music for Bad People
  • Jake Simmons & The Little Ghosts - All My Friends Are Dead // No Better
  • David Bowie - Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) // Scary Monsters 
  • Alice Cooper - I Love the Dead // Billion Dollar Babies
  • The Boys Next Door - The Voice // Door, Door
  • The Human League - The Black Hit of Space // Cash Cow (Compilation) 
  • The Ramrods - (Ghost) Riders In the Sky // (Ghost) Riders In the Sky (7" Single)
  • Jesse Lee Turner - The Little Space Girl // The Little Space Girl (7" Single)
  • Deadbolt - Billy's Dead // Voodoo Trucker
  • Chelsea Wolfe - Demons // Apakolypsis
  • The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes // Geef Voor New Wave
  • Diamanda Galas - Twenty Five Minutes to Go // Malediction and Prayer
  • Thom Yorke - Volk // Suspiria

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