The Vinyl Vault - September 29, 2020

Hello, dear listeners.  It's pretty stressful times these days. Music helps me a great deal.  After learning some difficult information today, I'm easing into some of my old favorite albums from my youth and wrapping the music around me like a warm comfortable blanket.  There is a lot of comfort to be found in music.

Tonight’s mixtape includes new music from Guerilla Toss, Multimagic, Bob Dylan, The Cool Greenhouse, X, Fontaines D.C., Continuals, Father John Misty, and Eddie Vedder in addition to another track from that fantastic new soul compilation album titled The World is a Cafeteria put out by Cairo Records.  We are also going to play a track from the first record store drop in August from a band that you may not be aware of called Cradle.  On my trip to the Michigan countryside, I dropped by a great record store in Kalamazoo called Satellite Records.  My crate diggin' escapade brought me a nice big bunch of 7”s and I have decided to pull in a couple of those singles into the mix tonight, too.

So let's settle back together to listen to some great new music while also letting some of our classic favorites wrap us up in a cozy comfy blanket of happiness. 

I hope you enjoy the mixtape that I made for you - JC

The Playlist...

  • Muse - Feeling Good // Origin of Symmetry
  • DEVO - Turn Around // Whip It (7" Single)
  • Cradle - Living Machine // The History
  • Guerilla Toss - Own Zone // Human Girl (7" Single)
  • Multimagic - Believe It // Manic Daze
  • Dinosaur Jr. - Goin Down // Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
  • Autoclave - I'll Take You Down // Autoclave
  • Ruts DC - Formula Eyes // Different View (7" Single)
  • The Clash - London's Burning // The Clash
  • Ray Charles - Georgia (On My Mind) // The World is a Cafeteria
  • Bob Dylan - Crossing the Rubicon // Rough and Rowdy Ways
  • The Cool Greenhouse - Dirty Glasses // The Cool Greenhouse
  • - Water & Wine // Alphabetland
  • Fontaines DC - A Lucid Dream // A Hero's Death
  • Ty Segall Taste // First Taste
  • The Stooges - Slide (Slidin' the Blues) // 1970: Complete Fun House Sessions
  • Guadalcanal Diary - Michael Rockefeller // Jamboree
  • Minutes - In Your Own Fuel // Roland
  • Continuals - Privacy // Three Songs From Exile
  • Father John Misty - To S. // To S. (7" Single)
  • The Slickee Boys - Dream Lovers // Uh Oh... No Breaks!
  • Eddie Vedder - Cartography // Cartography (7" Single)
  • The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs (Featuring Henry Rollins and Peaches) - Speak To Me / Breathe // The Dark Side of the Moon

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