The Vinyl Vault (WERA-LP) - Episode 1

Listeners!! The time is finally here!  This is the debut show for WERA-LP and I couldn't be more excited!  

Since I last blogged about the show, not too much has changed.  I've been planning future shows and prepping music.  However, I have started to line up guests in the coming weeks which will start with Don Zientara, the legendary owner and operator of Inner Ear Studios.  Musician, music producer, engineer.  He has been a major part of the DC indie music scene since the late 70s.  He will be my guest for next week.  Additional guests are being identified and scheduled for future episodes.  

This week's show is pretty straightforward.  Just me, the mic, and a fantastic mix of music to share with you, dear listener.  We have new tracks from Will Butler, Nick Cave, OSEES, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Thundercat.  We are also featuring tracks from DC artists Fugazi, Clear Channel, and Insurgence DC.  Such great music!

I hope you enjoy our first show on WERA.  If you are in Arlington, VA, you can tune in on 96.7 FM.  On the internet, you can visit and in your Tune In app you can ask for WERA LP.  I hope to see you there! - JC

The Playlist:

  • S. Carey - In The Stream // All We Grow

  • Will Butler - Surrender // Generations
  • Clear Channel - Hell // Hell
  • Nick Cave - Into My Arms // Idiot Prayer
  • Ohmme - Selling Candy // Fantasize Your Ghost
  • Buzzcocks - Breakdown // Spiral Scratch
  • Newtown Neurotics - No Respect // Beggars Can Be Choosers
  • OSEES - Dreary Nonsense // Protean Threat
  • John Coltrane - Giant Steps // Giant Steps
  • The Doors - The Changeling // LA Woman
  • The Gun Club - Goodbye Johnny // Fire of Love
  • Chuck Berry - School Days (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) // Chuck Berry's Golden Hits
  • Kleenex - Ain't You // First Songs
  • Public Image, Ltd. - Lollipop Opera // One Drop
  • Trupa Trupa - Turn // Of the Sun
  • Insurgence D.C. - Salt // Broken In The Theater Of The Absurd
  • Einsturzende Neubauten - Wedding // Alles In Allum
  • MC5 - Thunder Express // Thunder Express
  • Generation X - Your Generation // Geef Voor New Wave
  • The Replacements - Alex Chilton // The Complete Inconcerated Live
  • Spoon - I Ain't The One // Hot Thoughts
  • Detroit Cobras - Bad Girl // Mink, Rat or Rabbit
  • Weezer - Don't Let Go // Weezer (Green Album)
  • Thundercat - Black Qualls // It Is What It Is
  • Fugazi - Strangelight // Argument
  • The Flaming Lips - Assassins Of Youth // American Head
  • Love and Rockets - Haunted When The Minutes Drag // Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven

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