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The Band

Live in Washington DC August 16, 1976
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Record Store Day Release. Live in Washington DC August 16, 1976 - The Band. Black Friday Record Store Day 2015. Format: LP. The Band were having a good night when they rolled into Washington, D.C.'s Carter Barron Amphitheater in the summer of 1976 for a show that found the Americana pioneers ripping through a set of longtime favorites sprinkled with newer surprises (one of which, "Twilight," wouldn't appear on record until the album Islands was released nearly a year later). However, Carter Barron Amphitheater, Washington DC, July 17th 1976 also documents one of the last performances of the Band's original lineup; only four months later, they would announce their retirement from touring with the famous Last Waltz concert that was documented in Martin Scorsese's acclaimed documentary.