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Hello Kitty On Ice

Man With a Hole in His Throat
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Record Store Day Release. Man With a Hole in His Throat - Hello Kitty on Ice. Record Store Day Release 2016. Format: 7". Hello Kitty On Ice was comedian Neil Hamburger's hardcore punk band in 1983, when he was 13. We took the tapes from Neil's mom's attic and had them mastered them by Bill Inglot (legend in the mastering game). This is the first time these songs have been heard by anybody! The story is Neil (aka Gregg Turkington) was hanging out with some older punk friends and they wanted to start a band. The lead singer of Flipper was there and they asked if he wanted to be in their band. He said "no, but how about this kid?" That kid was Neil Hamburger and he came to us with the tapes from their one recording session to be released on Burger Records 7" for Record Store Day!