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Recutting The Crap Vol 2
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Record Store Day Release. Recutting The Crap Vol 2 - Various Artists. Record Store Day Release 2018. Format: LP. Recutting The Crap Vol 2 is the follow-up to last year's Record Store Day release, Recutting The Crap Vol 1. Once again, various artists from around the US are paying tribute to the Clash with newly recorded versions pf songs, inspired by the Clash's Out of Control/Cut The Crap recording sessions. Also included on Volume 2 are tributes to two of Mick Jones' compositions, The Bottom Line and Astroturf. They were songs he had been working on when everything imploded and he was dismissed form the band back in 1983. In the spirit of the Clash, Crooked Beat Records has also included with this release an exclusive bonus record entitled, "The Future Was Unwritten!" This is a tribute album of artists doing post-Clash Joe Strummer and Mick Jones compositions that would have most likely been Clash songs had the band stayed together. Hand numbered and limited to 1000 copies, Recutting The Crap Vol 2 comes on Green vinyl. The bonus LP (The Future Was Unwritten) comes on Yellow vinyl.