Crooked Beat Records Consignment Policy

Crooked Beat Records welcomes local artists to bring their band’s properly packaged new Vinyl Records (7”, EP, or LP) to sell on consignment. 

As the consigner, you will be responsible for determining cost of product.  We add $2.99 to all LP and EP consignments and $1.99 for 7" singles (e.g., consign for $7- Crooked Beat sells for $9.99).  The consigner will need to come to the store in person to collect payment for goods sold. If the payment is above $15, Crooked Beat will issue a check.Our consignment period is 180 days and Crooked Beat is not responsible for any product after 180 days.  If you would like to renew after 180 days, you will need to return to the store for a new consignment card.

Crooked Beat reserves the right to refuse any merchandise that we feel does not fit with our clientele.